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I am Nutriwise

Time Capsule Keychain Twin Pack You could help Save/Extend A LIFE

Time Capsule Keychain Twin Pack You could help Save/Extend A LIFE

Time Capsule Keychain Twin Pack -Use 1 personally and Gift 1 - 2 x different colours per purchase. IF you order Any 2 x Twin Packs (4 in Total) we will include a 5th for FREE, you will get all 5 Colours. 

Red, Black, Silver, Gold and or Blue.

These TIME CAPSULES will be shipped separately from your Supplements.  Order with your very next Order to Avoid the Shipping Fee. (If no Supplements are required use the Discount code "Tcapsule" at the discount box to get Free North America Shipping)

Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery in Canada and a few days longer for Southern USA

Time Capsule

Help Save a Life, you could extend Your's or Someone else’s TimeLine! 

This Keychain, Travel or Sports Bag Time Capsule is for Emergencies Only please place 2 or 4 x 81mg Asprin in the Bottle. Chew no more than 2! 
Being prepared for a NOW event, future or hopefully never event is better than not having an option in that moment in need for you or a friend, anyone. 
I hope you may never have to open use it, if you do please share your story at or post something on our website. Rate these please.

True Event :
Playing Golf in September 2023 at Summerland golf and country club on the 13th par 5 with 3 members. I had a vision Impairment that caused me to see a rainbow in my upper vision and could only see a very blurry ball when i looked down, externally I tried to remain calm but internally after struggling to putt my ball with regular focus. Next Tee box I duffed my Tee shot, "I had lost my coordination for around 12/15 minutes", felt panicked. 
Fortunately I had been keeping 2 Aspirin in my Wallet  for 5 plus years. After around 7 to 8 minutes when I realized that, this image and disorientation feeling was not clearing up, on my way to the green on the 14th, I then chewed both with a drink and after another 4/5 minutes, before I teed off on the 15th I felt a little better, almost back to normal.  Concerned that something was just not right and in the moment of the impairment the worst thoughts went through my mind.  Am I going to collapse, will it get worse, should I try go immediately to the club house, tell these members ? how can I drive, hospital etc, not wanting to interrupt the members enjoyment I kept it to myself.  
Fortunately it all cleared up and I played a few more holes, after that and within a few days I went to my Doctor who is as I write this testing me for a Mini Stroke.  As of Nov 8th we did not know for sure the outcome.  Meanwhile I came up with the idea in early October to order and make these what I am calling Time Capsules available.  
For proper use Please read Aspirin Warnings on any Label and keep out of reach from Children. 
Heart Attack They recommend to call 911 and then chew 2 Tablets, inform the Emergency services that you have taken 2. 

N.B. We do not include the Aspirin. 
Peter S.
I am Nutriwise,
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